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Q: Is Elerick & Elerick the right firm for me?

A: If your desire is to be represented by knowledgeable, experienced and professional CPAs who will provide prompt, personal service with competitive billing rates, then Elerick & Elerick is the perfect firm for you.  We recognize that not everyone will find the value in having over 100 years of combined experience just a phone call, email or personal meeting away; however, we would very much like the opportunity to meet with you and help you make that determination.

Q: What is a “perfect” client for Elerick & Elerick?

A: There is no one “perfect” client for Elerick & Elerick.  We represent everyone from young working professionals to seasoned citizens enjoying their retirement years, to businesses ranging in size from owner/operators with no support staff and gross receipts less than $100,000 to companies with offices throughout the nation, more than 100 employees and gross receipts in excess of $10 million.  And each client, no matter how big or small, receives the same personal attention and excellence of service.

Q: How much can I expect to pay Elerick & Elerick to prepare my taxes?

A: Elerick & Elerick has assigned billing rates to all employees depending upon experience and professional certification, ranging from $50/hr for administrative assistance to $200/hr for senior partner involvement.  It is our goal to fit you with the staff member with the highest level of experience and lowest possible billing rate appropriate to your particular needs.  We recognize that client needs are like fingerprints: no two are alike.  For this reason, we believe it is most appropriate to track our time spent on client-related matters in 6-minute intervals and invoice accordingly. 

Q: When should I bring in my information for Elerick & Elerick to complete my return without having to file an extension?

A: We operate on a loose first-come-first-served basis, realizing that clients often have unique or unforeseen needs that we accommodate in every feasible way.  We typically have a cut-off of two weeks preceding a deadline in order to complete the return without the necessity to file an extension, knowing that if we can finish a return that comes in after the cut-off, we will. 

Q: Are there accounting services Elerick & Elerick does not provide?

A: At Elerick & Elerick, we recognize that is impossible to be all things to all people.  We therefore focus on our core competencies with deference to our staffing capabilities and target market.  To this extent, we do not perform financial statement audits, and we refer out drafting of all legal documents.  Although some accounting firms offer financial advisor and wealth management services, we feel this is outside the scope of our focus of accounting and gladly refer this service to the premier firms in town with whom we have relationships.